I do not have any pain, but do have issues with urinary retention and premature ejaculation, will Overcome help?

By: Dr. Brianne Grogan, PT, DPT

Based upon your symptoms of urinary retention and premature ejaculation, I have no hesitations in recommending the program to you; I definitely think it will be helpful, based on the description of the health concerns you're dealing with. 

Even if you don't have pain, muscular tension (in the pelvic region) is a common "culprit" when it comes to urinary retention and premature ejaculation. Often, when people have a history of back injury or trauma they move and carry themselves differently (without realizing it), and can unintentionally hold onto deeply ingrained patterns of tension and muscular activation that impact all of the muscles in the pelvic region -- including the pelvic floor. 

Your preexisting hip condition has likely contributed to some pelvic floor tension as well due to the imbalance between your right and left sides. When you're tight and/or weak on one side, the other side often compensates leading to excessive tension and hyper-activation. 

The Overcome Pelvic Pain for Men program will help you relax and release *all* of the muscles in your pelvic floor, hips, and core. After the initial focus on stretching for muscular release, trigger point release (you'll likely find some tender spots, based on your description!), and down-training your nervous system via deep relaxation practices, you'll VERY gradually begin to strengthen your deep core muscles while maintaining proper alignment and flexibility. This guided progression from relaxation to gentle strengthening will provide you the foundation you need to regain coordination and control of the pelvic floor to help with the urinary and ejaculatory concerns you mentioned. 

Overcome Pelvic Pain for Men

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