Michael, what were your symptoms and how did you heal?

(This question was asked to Michael Hodge, the creator of Overcome Pelvic Pain, who went through pelvic floor dysfunction/CPPS for five years)

By: Michael Hodge, Creator of Overcome Pelvic Pain for Men

First of all, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I have my life back, and you can too! I know how hard it is, but there is light, you must trust. Pain teaches us to self-heal and overcome, and you will be evolved in a way that you currently couldn't fathom. This started for me when I was 23. I had urinary frequency as well, it took a long time to get my stream going, I couldn't get good erections, I had pain while ejaculating, and pain in the perineum. It was painful to sit. Exercise and lifting things made it worse. 
I healed by:
-Doing a daily stretching/healing routine each morning. (like the ones included in the Overcome Pelvic Pain for Men program)
-Meditating each day. Personally I recommend that you do Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and any of the Blessing of the Energy Centers meditations by Dr. Joe Dispenza. They are not found free on youtube or anywhere, but you can buy them on his website, THEY WORK. But anything that is guided or unguided is good. You can find plenty of meditations on Insight Timer, Calm, Headspace, or youtube.
-Discovering that in my case, diet was also heavily involved. Doing the 21 Day Standard Process Cleanse (or some form or an elimination diet is an amazing idea if you have not yet). Also, I removed inflammatory foods from my diet so that my body could heal without doing extra work. This is different for everyone, but I personally removed grains, dairy, most sugars, caffeine, and alcohol while healing.
-I used a TENS/Microcurrent machine (like this one) each night for 30 minutes as I was watching TV, reading, or meditating in bed, before I went to sleep.
-I found a good chiropractor. I learned how important it is that your body is in alignment. Find a chiropractor that will take x-rays on your first visit (if possible). You should do a weekly visit for a few months, and then it might change to twice a month. A great deal of PFD comes from misalignment of nerves and the pelvis having an unhealthy tilt. 
-Letting go of the frustration that I had not yet healed, and that this was happening. I just began enjoying life in the way that I could, while knowing that I was healed. Here is a video that I created about the power of your words.
I created the Overcome Pelvic Pain for Men program so that you could be fully guided for 12 weeks. It includes all of the stretching routines needed. Trigger point releases. Deep relaxation poses. Meditations. Nutrition and mindset guidance, along with community support

Overcome Pelvic Pain for Men 12 Week Program

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