Can I do your Lift program if I have a very tight pelvic floor but also a prolapse?

By: Dr. Brianne Grogan, PT, DPT

Yes, you can, although I have two recommendations in that case. 

Option 1: Purchase and begin the Lift for Prolapse Relief program. Go through Week 1 of Lift for at least 2 weeks before moving forward with the rest of the program, since Week 1 has a heavy emphasis on breathing into the pelvic floor and releasing/relaxing. When you feel ready to move on with the rest of the program, I encourage you to build in EXTRA time for stretching, releasing, and relaxing your pelvic floor (for at least 5 minutes after each daily Lift workout).

Option 2: If your pelvic tension is causing pain or discomfort (for example, painful sex, or significant low back pain), then hold off on doing Lift for now. Instead, focus on pelvic release exercises. These can be found via my Overcome Pelvic Pain program (a guided 12-week course), which is an amazing way to connect more deeply with your body, release tension in the pelvic floor, and relieve pain so that you can ultimately move forward with strengthening exercises. I also have lots of stretching/tension release videos on YouTube. 

I hope this helps give you more guidance! 

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