I have burning pain from urination and urinary urgency - I also have tight pelvic muscles, can your program help?

By: Dr. Brianne Grogan, PT, DPT

Although it might sound surprising, YES, the symptoms you described are often associated with excessive pelvic floor tension. 
Overcome is a wonderful program for helping to stretch the muscles to release pelvic tension. The stretches and supplemental practices (pelvic drop, deep relaxation poses, mindset challenges, etc) also help calm the nervous system which -- in cases like yours -- often gets "stuck" in a high-alert state due to the unrelenting pain, urgency, and burning sensation... which causes more tension... which causes more pain. It's a vicious cycle! The programming in Overcome helps to address both the mind and the body to help break the cycle and reduce the symptoms. 
It takes time, but with consistency and dedication to the stretching and relaxation practices, there is a hope for a complete recovery. 
If you have access to a pelvic floor physical therapist you can see in-person for evaluation and treatment, that would be wonderful. But if you don't have access, or if you're looking for a support system at-home that you can use between sessions (or while you're waiting for your first appointment), Overcome is ideal.
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