I have a levator avulsion and am also experiencing prolapse, is this program for me?

By: Dr. Brianne Grogan, PT, DPT

It can be tricky to approach a new program with levator avulsion, but not impossible. When the muscles have detached from the pubic bone, and the pelvic floor doesn't contract, it can be difficult to see results from standard exercise programs.
That being said, the body is capable of miraculous things and I want to offer you hope and some ways that my Lift program may be helpful for you!
1) One of the focuses of my Lift program is not just exercise, but also helping you live (what I call) a "lifted lifestyle." Your lifestyle makes up the 99% of the day that you're not exercising, and living and moving your body in ways that are gentle and easy on your pelvic floor (primarily by helping you manage intra-abdominal pressure) is key.... especially when levator avulsion is involved. These lifestyle tips are scattered throughout the program and are also compiled in a single video that's part of the Lift bonus content.
2) The exercise portion of the program is focused not just on the pelvic floor, but on the entire "team" of core muscles. And so even if you have difficulty accessing the pelvic floor muscles themselves, you will benefit from strengthening the surrounding support muscles including the hip rotators, inner thigh muscles, deep abs, back muscles, and breathing diaphragm.
3) You will likely benefit from the mindset/mind-body portion of the program as well. The meditations in this section of Lift help you not only RELAX your pelvic floor and surrounding core muscles (which are so often tense and tight, in women with prolapse), but they can also help you reconnect with your pelvic floor and develop more self-love and self-compassion for this part of your body that you might feel disconnected from, following the damage that occurred.
I hope this helps provide you with some insights and direction! We do offer a 30-day money back guarantee, and so if you move through Lift and the bonus content and find that the program is NOT benefiting you in any way, then you can request a refund.
Best wishes for health and healing!
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