I just had a surgical repair for prolapse, and I want to recover my normal life. Do you have a program that can help?

By: Dr. Brianne Grogan, PT, DPT

I would absolutely recommend my  Lift program for your needs. You receive lifetime access to the content, and so you might want to purchase it now so that you can start exploring the content as you're healing (I think you'd really benefit from some of the "mind-body/mindset" materials, as well as watching the videos in the "bonus content" section).
You can begin the exercises after you've received clearance to begin gentle fitness once again. Follow your doctor's orders, but I would expect that you'd need to wait approx. 4-6 weeks post-surgery to begin the Lift exercises.
The reason Lift is my recommendation is that it gently strengthens your entire core, from the pelvic floor on up through the breathing diaphragm, in a gradually progressive manner. It helps you reconnect with this "hidden" part of your body so that you'll have more awareness of your pelvic floor post-surgery, along with more coordination and control of the muscles. It also focuses on lifestyle (including posture, breathing, lifting techniques, elimination techniques, etc), which is essential for pelvic health for anyone post-surgery!
Basically, it'll help you regain strength the RIGHT way, and it'll teach you how to live a pelvic floor friendly lifestyle so that you can successfully maintain your surgical repair.
I hope this answers your question, and I wish you all the best on your journey!
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