Does Overcome help to heal nerve damage caused by trauma or injury? (pudendal neuralgia or otherwise)

By: Dr. Brianne Grogan, PT, DPT

While Overcome Pelvic Pain is not focused specifically on healing or regenerating nerves of the pelvic floor, it's still helpful for people with pain caused by trauma or nerve injury from fall, surgery, or compression. In short, Overcome gives your body the best/most conducive environment in which your nerve can heal and repair. Regeneration time depends on the type of injury sustained and the extent of damage. If your nerve was bruised or traumatized (but not cut), it should recover over a period of 6-12 weeks when in a conducive healing environment.

Overcome helps you achieve this optimal healing environment via the gentle movement routines that relax and release tight muscles, the focus on anti-inflammatory foods and optimizing digestion (so that you can have smooth and easy bowel movements that don't irritate the pelvic nerves), and the mind-body practices that help down-regulate your nervous system (which is/was amped up due to the trauma and resulting pain you've sustained). Overcome's holistic approach to pelvic health management allows your body to function optimally so that it can go to work healing your nerve(s) most effectively and efficiently.

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