Does the Overcome program help with Venous Leak?

By: Dr. Brianne Grogan, PT, DPT

Let me explain a little bit more about why/how Overcome Pelvic Pain for Men can help with venous leakage.

A venous leak results from too much venous drainage from the penis during erection. Two reasons you may encounter venous leakage include:

1) stress, and 2) muscular issues

To maintain a successful erection, the penis must allow blood to flow in, and then restrict the outward flow through compression of veins. Your pelvic floor muscles (specifically, the bulbocavernosus) surrounds the penis and relaxes to allow blood to flow in, then contracts to KEEP it in. If the blood won't hold, you may have an erection but cannot keep it rigidly for long.

Overcome can help you become more aware of your pelvic floor muscles and the tension you hold there. It also helps you learn how to release/relax the muscles, which are often held clenched and tight due -- in part -- to stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety naturally creates tension in these muscles... this tension can be so subtle (and so constant) that often, we don't even notice. But over time, too much tension that builds up makes the muscles WEAK. It causes them to be tight and weak, exhausted (and sometimes painful), and lacking in coordination and control.

So again, Overcome can help you learn how to identify this part of the body, relax the mind (which helps relax the body as well), release the pelvic floor muscles, and then begin to slowly + gradually strengthen them so that you can regain control.

I hope this provides you with some hope that conservative/natural treatment options (such as Overcome and/or pelvic floor physical therapy) may be helpful for you. I wish you all the best, and I hope you'll at least consider trying out the first week of Overcome for free!

Vibrant Pelvic Health programs are not a substitute for individualized medical treatment; contact a physician and/or physical therapist in your area for one-on-one evaluation and a personalized treatment plan.

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